ALIMA – BIS Ltd. is a Polish modern company with over 33 years of experience, operating on Polish, European Union and global markets. Our products and technologies, of Polish (EU) origin, are available on 5 continents in 41 countries. 

 It is now operating in 5 locations in Poland and having 4 production plants, we supply food industry and agriculture with technologies necessary at each stage of milk processing. For almost 20 years we have been manufacturing dairy powders and have been a member of the Polish Chamber of Milk. 

In our two milk powders manufacturing plants located in Poland, we use highly advanced technology and process installations allowing to obtain products of high quality and very good nutrition parameters. Our many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the milk processing technology allow us to offer the top-quality products. 

Apart from production of milk powders ALIMA-BIS is also specialized in manufacturing of technical highly advanced membrane systems and technolgies for industries (in particular for food and dairy industry). 

The third branch of ALIMA-BIS activity is the production of machines for dairy farms and agriculture like diet mixers, spreaders, etc as well as milking and cooling equipment.