Bertuzzi Food Processing Srl is an Italian manufacturer of fruit processing machinery with a tradition that dates back to 1936. During eighty years of activity, Bertuzzi has supplied more than 1000 fruit processing plants in over 100 countries.

Bertuzzi R&D team has optimized specific processes and specialized machines that allow to achieve top product quality and yield for each specific type of fruit. Thanks to Bertuzzi unique know-how, these dedicated machines can be integrated in multi-fruit processing plants, that allow much greater flexibility and utilization than single-fruit plants.

Bertuzzi is an Italian Group worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Food & Beverage industry. Bertuzzi Group is the result of the merger of two Italian historical brands, Bertuzzi Food Processing and Newpack, respectively owner of over decades of experience in their specific market segments.


Bertuzzi Food Processing offers cutting edge technology for the fruit and vegetable processing industry and complete plants for formulated products. In particular, BERTUZZI designs, manufactures, and supplies plants and machines to transform any type of fruit into juices (clear, cloudy, pulpy), concentrates, nectars, baby food, jams, ready-made drinks, and in general any fruit/ vegetable base products including ketchup, tomato paste, sauces, yoghurt, basis for yoghurt, milk condensate UHT, etc.