Calvatis GmbH is a leading private owned manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants designed for industrial applications, worldwide. We offer our business partners individual and high-quality one-stop hygiene concepts.


It’s well-known calgonit and calgodip-branded product portfolio is worldwide marketed since 1929. Across the years the name „calgonit“ has anchored in the mind of people and is associated like no other brand with cleanliness and hygiene.


The main business segments are global Hygiene Consulting and Management for the Beverage, Food and Milk processing industry, Agriculture, Catering as well as Cleaning Services, Watertreatment, Launrdy, Equipment and Plant Engineering and Contract Manufacturing.


Today the company has more than 400 employees – the majority has been factory-trained representing the course of sustainability lived by Calvatis. Together with our exclusive partners, we offer customised, qualitatively unique products and hygiene concepts all over the world.


The worldwide distribution of our products and services is controlled by Calvatis GmbH, our international subsidiaries and long-term, global business partners which are dedicated to superior quality standards without tolerating any compronises in this respect. Innovative product development, creative engineering, efficiency and sustainability are the major focus of our business.