CEPI designs, manufactures and commissions bulk-handling systems for the storage, conveying and metering of raw materials, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all production processes. A family-run company with an international outlook, CEPI is based in Italy and operates globally, with offices in Malaysia to coordinate operations in the Asian market and a network of local partners spanning the five continents.

1985, we have worked with the most important companies from all sectors of food manufacturing. Having centered research, flexibility and customization since inception, CEPI’s mission goes beyond assembling food processing equipment: we build turn-key installations that manage the entire production line from storage to dosing, and develop specialized solutions to match diverse and evolving needs of materials and processes across the planet. Our technologies are designed to preserve food properties and flavor while minimizing energy and material consumptions.

We consider the installation our product (rather than its individual parts) and customization our service. This vision extends to the breadth of services we provide, giving you access to a wealth of expertise and innovation at each stage of the project. We believe in build lasting relationships for lasting projects, through an ongoing conversation which concerns all its aspects: from process and product analysis with hygiene and safety management and food technology support, to engineering and control, manufacture, installation and service.


All these stages are managed internally and with continuity through all operations and all-encompassing support, we can give each project the care it deserves.  CEPI brings to the table a global knowledge of materials, environments, and markets as well as the continued research that goes into developing around 300 unique systems every year.