Craft Beer China Conference & Exhibition is an international event for the craft beer industry and leading in Asia. The market-style craft beer community is full of craftsmanship culture, more than 100 high-quality craft beer brands, with all kinds of categories.

CBCE 2023 has extended its outer boundaries in the two major directions of high-strength alcoholic beverages and low-alcoholic beverages, accurately grasping the industry’s weather vane, and leading everyone to witness the new wave of craft brewing. The exhibition will invite domestic and foreign industry experts and top media to introduce the status quo of the domestic and foreign industry, reveal the development trend of China’s craft beer industry, bring the latest raw material processing and brewing technology, and provide insights of operation experience and brand management methods.

CBCE 2022 also carried out a series of major activities in the same period, with high audience participation: the craft-beer-appraisal book promotion meeting activity attracted many readers; Brussels Beer Challenge tasting event grandly conducted in a row were a real treat to those craft beer lovers who enjoy tasting beer; the Chinese map of craft beer breweries placed in the craft beer community attracted a great number. It is believed that CBCE 2023 will inject more “new blood” of craft beer brands to bring more colorful activities and experiences to the audience.

The professional audience of CBCE 2023 come from domestic and foreign brewers, sommeliers, catering practitioners, executives of large beer companies, practitioners of small and medium breweries, producers, distributors, agents, retailers, etc., as well as national directors Food experts and scholars, investment institutions, industrial designers, brand planning, Chinese and foreign media, etc.