The company was founded in 2001 by Tiziano Mussini, owner of what was then MEB LABELLING S.r.l. specialized in the construction of machinery for the wine-making sector, and Marco Cantarelli, head of the machine tools department in the same company.

For the first few years the main activity of DMC S.r.l. was the machining of components for third parties, then between 2007-2008 the Labelling division was created dedicated to designing and building labelling machinery for the food & beverage sector.

Today the company offers a complete range of innovative labelling machines, with an hourly output of between 500 – 2500 bph, including both bench labelling machines and semi-automatic and automatic line models. All products feature an innovative labelling system based on the use of a rotating bottle support plate for both the bench labelling and in-line models. This application gives the labelling machine significant versatility of use and a high level of precision in bottle finish, as well as including simple and economic size changeover options.

Today DMC S.r.l. enjoys very high standing in the local market as a mechanical workshop for contracted machining, small scale production to order and the realization of individual prototypes, from design to assembly; furthermore, for the labelling department, DMC S.r.l. is strengthening its presence on both a national and international level as a builder of labelling machines for the wine and food sectors, thanks to the creation of a steadily expanding network of dealers and distributors.