FENCO is established 1984, and due to the intuition and due diligence work of a pool of engineers who decided to establish in Parma a Food ENgineering Company with the aim to be the first to innovate tomato processing.

FENCO is focusing on the fruit processing in all its meanings, and has then constantly expanded its technical and product portfolio with innovative solutions and patented systems, providing a superior technology and service to the world’s largest Food & Drink Industry.

A close interaction with its Customers and the possibility of sharing process know-how with an intense network of technical partners have enabled FENCO to offer an unmatched knowledge giving to FENCO the ability to respond to the highest demands of the worldwide food & drink Industry.

Starting from the design, to manufacturing, also including commissioning, start-up, training and after sale support, today FENCO turn key offerings include: -Tomate Processing Line for producing tomato paste, pulp, peeled and cube tomatoes, as well as tomato re-processing lines. -Fruit Processing Lines suitable for all types of fruit (continental, but also tropical and citrus) able to turn the fresh fruit into single strength or concentrated puree, clarified or cloudy juices, nectars, smoothies. -In-Line Blending and Formulating Units in order to create and thermally stabilize all kind of recipes, blends, soups and formulas. -Spiral Pasteurizer & Cooler by water and air. -Evaporators multistage for all the applications, including dairy. -Aseptic fillers and sterilizers. -EasyCube-600 for shaping and dosing leafy vegetables , semi-frozen and protein-based products ( meat, cheese…) -Jam, Marmalade and Candying production lines. -French fries lines.