Better Baking. Better Business.

The core competency of MIWE lies in all baking processes that ensure optimal baking results through the intelligent control of temperature, moisture and time. As a full-service supplier, MIWE thus offers solutions for proofing, cooling, freezing and baking, as well as for seamlessly bringing together all these and further process steps. Energy concepts and software solutions round off the range of services.

You can only make baking future-proof by looking at the big picture. Granted, good baking results require a good oven. And for 100 years this is what MIWE has stood for with its proven baking technology made in Germany. But we also know that even the best oven can’t compensate for weak points in the process, both beforehand and after.

That is why MIWE offers a much broader approach. One with which we will work together to launch your new business idea. One with which we will closely examine your existing process and logistics processes. One with which we can show you new ways for baking better goods and doing better business through our comprehensive know-how. This vision enables us to model holistic concepts and to implement them with the full range of MIWE products and technologies – now and in the future.