Unical, an Italian company born in the 1972 to design and produce civil and industrial thermal groups for heating, has, subsequently, expanded its operating field, including air conditioning systems, thermal solar systems, integrated and hybrid systems, heat pumps, radiant panels, etc., coming to have one of the most complete catalogs in the entire sector.

MADE IN ITALY is the focus of Unical.

5 the locations distributed on the national territory, between production and logistics, strategically connected and highly advanced for automation and robotization of the construction phases. In the Borgocarbonara’s plant are built biomass boilers and steel units for fan assisted burners (up to 7,000 kW), as well as the industrial line, known for high-efficiency special boilers by virtue of special patented heat exchange pipes, which includes hot / superheated water boilers, up to 22,000 kW and generators up to 25,000 kg/h of steam, while in the Caorso’s plant are built wall and floor-standing boilers, both traditional and condensing (up to 1,500 kW).