Universal Pack entered the world of automatic bagging machines in the 1960s. Over the last 50 years, the company has developed innovative solutions for a relatively young sector, leaving a lasting legacy. Universal Pack has designed the most effective packaging technologies for this sector, becoming a leading manufacturer in the production of vertical automatic packaging machines among the best companies in the packaging industry.

Precision, efficiency, reliability and high mechanical resistance are the main characteristics for which the company is appreciated worldwide. Universal Pack’s packaging machines and complete lines for primary and secondary packaging can produce heat-sealed sachets on 4 sides, shaped sachets, stick-packs and boxes from flat blank and pre-glued cartons.

All the machines are designed, manufactured and assembled at the company’s factory in Italy. Among the wide range of packaging machines, there are: automatic vertical bagging machines, standard machines, customized stand-alone machines with dosing systems, modular lines and integrated lines for primary and secondary packaging. Universal Pack’s packaging machines can pack countless products with different chemical and physical characteristics.