Zanin F.lli boasts 60 years of history. In 1956, the founders began to construct silkworm pupae dryers and grain dryers. In the eighties, the company’s management was handed to the next generation, reconfirming the dedication and commitment to the search for new technologies in the industrial food farming sector.


In the early nineties, Zanin F.lli navigated its way into foreign markets with its complete range of energy-saving cleaners and dryers. The offer was expanded to include grain sanitization before and after storage, thus improving the quality of preservation. Zanin F.lli has therefore become an international leader in the construction of grain cleaners. Even when it comes to energy-saving, Zanin F.lli is a forerunner.


The company offers low-consumption products with benefits to both clients and the environment. One of the many success stories of Zanin F.lli is Mobildry: a product that won the gold medal at the 6th “Novità Tecnologica per l’Agricoltura” (Technological Farming Innovation) contest at Fieragricola Verona in 1998. The main advantages of Mobildry consisted in the extremely high-quality drying of processed products (better than all other mobile dryers in the market), dust emission values that fell within regulatory limits, ease of transport and fast installation.