AIRCOM®: we spray all types of materials 

AIRCOM®: we spray all types of materials 

In the landscape of manufacturing industry, few companies can boast a history as rich in successes and innovations as AIRCOM®.

Founded in the 1960s as a small workshop specializing in the production of spray guns for finishing, the company has managed to grow and establish itself as a reference point in the sector. Over the years, AIRCOM® has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to adapt to the market’s needs, offering innovative and high-quality solutions to make spraying and finishing easier while maintaining the highest quality level.

The adventure of AIRCOM® began in the 1960s, when a young entrepreneur decided to combine his skills with the demands of the market. He opened a small workshop in Canavese (an area known for the development of Olivetti’s ideas, among other things) to produce spray guns for the tanning sector: the company, later acquired in the 1990s by a local entrepreneurial family, expanded into other industries, such as the food and pharmaceutical one, quickly gaining the trust of more customers.

Over the years, AIRCOM® continued to invest in R&D, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology applied to industrial finishing: the in-house department is dedicated to the design of new products, which can be customized according to customer requests. It was precisely from listening to the customers and paying attention to market demands that the AIRCOM® FF spray gun was born.

This engineering masterpiece combines years of experience and know-how with the latest technologies, featuring a set of characteristics that make the AIRCOM® FF a one-of-a-kind product:

• Integrated Washing Circuit: The AIRCOM® FF features a side passage for product circuit cleaning. It is also designed for use with a rod and a nozzle that ensure a self-cleaning effect.

• Adjustable Valve and High Cycles: The gun has a spray pattern adjustment valve that can be manually operated to regulate atomization. Additionally, it is equipped with a pneumatic command ensuring high spray cycles.

FDA Compliance: The product is entirely made of stainless steel, guaranteeing FDA compliance for use in the food industry.

• Quick Release: The gun can be equipped with a quick-release block, allowing for easy removal from the system with a simple one-handed motion.

• Heated Gun Body up to 45°C: The gun body can be heated, via a device, up to a temperature of 45°C to maintain the fluidity of the atomized products.

From a small artisan workshop to current developments in atomization, the company has shown that a passion for innovation is the engine of success. With the AIRCOM® FF spray gun, the company reaffirms itself as a benchmark in the sector, offering finishing professionals a tool that will revolutionize how this process is conceived. With its constant pursuit of perfection and commitment to the future, AIRCOM® emerges as an ideal partner for those seeking cutting-edge solutions in the field of spraying.

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