Apinox srl is one of the leading manufacturers of mixers in the world. We offer our long experience in the designing and manufacturing of mixers for the bakery, confectionery and chemical industry.

Apinox was founded on 14th April 1981, in a factory building located in the village of Godega di Sant’Urbano, by a small group of people with two main features in common: the eagerness to do and, notwithstanding the young age, a great  experience behind them, which was the result of study but above all they never shirked hard work and practice.


As it often happens, the inception of the company was a byword for sufferance and commitment but which was unfailingly paid off by important satisfactions both for what was manufactured and for the rewards received by the first customers.


The manufacturing site became soon limited in space  and in 1987 Apinox moved to its present location in the industrial zone of castello Roganzuolo, San Fior.


Since then, Apinox has been growing continuously and constantly, without ever forgetting to invest, year after year, in new technologies which allows a flexible and versatile workforce.


To date, APINOX  has a staff of 50 people, divided among production department, warehouse, technical and design department, quality control department and sales and administrative department.