Confitech is an Italian family-owned company. Since 1932 we design and manufacture equipment for the confectionary industry. Our machines are worldwide used in the production of hard and soft candy, sugar-free, lollipops, caramel, toffees and fondant creams.

We are specialized in weighing and mixing of the raw ingredients, preparation and cooking of the syrup, cooling of the cooked mass, addition of colours and flavours, laminating and forming line feeding. We can supply single machines to improve existing processes, as well as fully automated systems.

Over the years, we have designed and created innovative machines: from the Kneading Machine for hard candy, to the Cooling Drum and the Horizontal Pulling Machine for soft candy. Nowadays, innovation and creativity continue to inspire us, with our new Continuous Cooking Lines both for hard and chewy candy. With our tailor made solutions and our extensive knowledge of candy making techniques, we proudly partnered to the success of many candy companies all over the world.