SiccaDania Freeze Drying, based in Denmark, designs and delivers the latest freeze-drying technology, engineered to fit our customers’ applications. Our freeze dryers can help our customers with an innovative solution for preserving fruits and vegetables, creating the perfect instant coffee or tea or preserving important components of the product.

Our freeze-drying solutions enable a unique degree of control and scalability, giving our customers flexibility in production size throughout the years.

A freeze-drying factory consists of multiple independent units/modules which results in great advantages in regards of:

·         Gradual increase of product on capacity is made possible – one or more units can be added to the system

·         Different products can be dried simultaneously e.g. simple product variation with different coffee blends

·         The arrangement of the units can be tailored to fit the available floor space – the units can be placed in 1 or 2 rows and/or stacked

·         Maintenance is easy – one unit can be closed for maintenance, while the plant continues at only a minor decrease in capacity

We are capable of supplying equipment for liquid processing, powder handling, bagging-off systems, automation, and other industry-related systems.