New multi-fruit line from OMIP, Boema and FME

New multi-fruit line from OMIP, Boema and FME


Are you wondering whether it is possible to core, pit, slice and peel multiple fruits in a single solution? Wonder no more because we have the answer for you,” claim the Italian OMIP and Boema and the Polish FME Food Machinery Europe.

The collaboration between the three companies started about five years ago. “We offer a complete end-to-end solution which allows to use state-of-the-art machines dedicated to core, pit and slice several fruits, for instance, stone fruits, and then peel them using high-pressure steam.”

“The line is suitable for large producers who diversify their product range throughout the year. So far, it has been adopted in several countries around the world and customers are very satisfied with it: compared to mechanical or chemical peeling, steam peeling guarantees a 20 per cent higher yield,” the three companies add.

“In addition, this system is cost-effective because it provides you with the highest yield possible and the best quality product obtainable, while eliminating the often difficult and expensive problem of water treatment, as this system excludes the use of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide.” “To find out more about this solution and be part of those who choose the best, visit us at this year’s edition of the Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin.”

OMIP, founded in 1971, is targeted to all the fruit processing companies which need to have a more reliable product, built with quality materials and great robustness, where the cost of production, as well as that of the workforce, is minimized.

For this reason it is focused in the design and construction of machinery characterized by simplicity of operation, versatility and reduction of costs.

Boema was founded in 1979 and during the years emerged as a leading company in designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the food industry.

It has its headquarters and main production in Italy but has also different commercial branches in Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, and China.

FME Food Machinery Europe began its activity in 1998. At the beginning of 2007, the company was moved to Wyzne village located in south-eastern Poland, where a new production plant was built.

As of now, the company’s leading activity is the production of machinery used in the processing of food, and beverage production. Besides this, the company also renders installation services of machinery and equipment as well as repair and overhaul services.

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