PMR is celebrating its first 50 years designing innovative machines, in Industry 4.0 logic

PMR is celebrating its first 50 years designing innovative machines, in Industry 4.0 logic

We are a company with a great experience in the manufacturing of labelling, filling, and capping machinesPMR since 1971 is providing aimed solutions for a wide range of productive sectors, answering the most different technical needs with the innovation capacity and continuous research of advanced solutions that are typical of the Made in Italy philosophy.

Among the most performing solutions is the Roller Capping Unit, a 6000 pcs/h that is adaptable to different cap types, brushless motors actuated, equipped with a digital control panel with remote assistance and an external systems interface suitable for Industry 4.0 Logic.

With the target of a smart manufacturing process, for this project PMR has dedicated a great attention on the HMI (Human-Machine Interface), designing and improving a new “ad-hoc” easy and fast software for the operation of format change, that perfectly integrates in your management company systems.

The new Monoblock PMR MFC 22, a filling machine for liquid/dense products and capping with twist-off caps. The volumetric rotative dispenser is made of a rotative pump in Inox AISI 316 and a drip-catching nozzle with a two-way pilot valve, dose synchronized. The capping system has a pneumatic motorized closing head, with adjustable torque value.

The system has also a caps dispenser with unloading rail adjustable for different formats, and a caps presence control device. The unloading rail is totally independent from the system and can be easily adapted to any customer requests, in compliance with the different products and boxes, speed max to 1800 pcs/hr.

PMR, in recent years, has also renewed and improved the historic labelling lines: the M3010 FR able to apply two pre-printed labels, the M3005 T able to apply labels on round products, the Robottino to print on flat carton boxes and similar, the heads CLASSIC NEW 3 and the PRINT & APPLY LM, and all the semi-automatic packaging machines.

A survey conducted together by the Italian newspapers IlSole24 and Statista revealed PMR as one of the 200 companies leaders in Export 2022. This important result has been achieved thanks to the particular attention in following customers during all the production process, up to the final installation that is realized both in Italy (directly by PMR) and abroad (thanks to our partners).

Today PMR is a modern company that quickly adapted itself to the Market, investing everyday on the research and innovation process of the high-performance materials and applicative software, now essential parts in the Industry 4.0.

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