Prisma Industriale Srl: Your partner in inspection and quality control

Prisma Industriale Srl: Your partner in inspection and quality control

Food quality and inspection control are more and more important

Every day companies working in Food Industry have to ensure the right safety level to their customers. It’s a matter of risk and cost management, as claim recall campaigns are very expensive, and it’s a matter of brand reputation on the market they serve.

Prisma Industriale srl is the reliable Italian supplier to support your food safety business. With more that 35 years of experience in inspection and control systems, Prisma will help you to offer to your customers products compliant to industry standards.

Our checkweighers check the weight of the 100% of your production, not only rejecting products under the correct weight, but also minimizing overfill waste. Our wide range of solutions is suitable for different product types and packaging.

Moreover, we can support you with our Metal Detectors, that will assure the rejection of defective parts from the production line, checking for ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants inside the products with an accuracy compliant with the Global Standard for Food Safety defined by BRC.

Advanced functions, clean sturdy design, simple intuitive user interface: PRISMA INDUSTRIALE metal detectors are the easiest way to inspecting for foreign bodies.

All our system are internally assembled in our facility located in Parma, in the north of Italy, meaning that the machine you will received is 100% Italian made.

We almost exclusively use stainless steel in order to grant you easy and quick sanification and maintenance, as well as strong and durable machine.

Discover Prisma solutions and our machines features on our website or contact us directly at

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