RPE Srl, solenoid valves made in Italy

RPE Srl, solenoid valves made in Italy

RPE designs, develops and manufactures high quality Solenoid Valves, Flow Meters, Pressure Reducers, Filters and Fittings for a wide array of industries and applications. With almost 50 years’ experience we offer and distribute our products in Italy and all over the world.

Our fundamentals are simple: continuous Research & Development with the flexibility to customize products according to customer’s requirements and specifications.

Applications where RPE’s products are installed:

• Professional Food equipment

• Ice machines

• Industrial laundry machines

• Coffee & Tea machines

• Water & Beverage dispensers

• Steam machines

• Beverage & Water filtration systems

• Medical & dental equipment

 • Sanitary applications

• Commercial cleaning equipment

• Marine applications

• Irrigation systems

The New TU Series

Modular, Compact, Flexible, Performing and Food-contact certified! These are some of the main characteristics of the new TU Series, RPE latest.

The T Universal (TU) Series consists of extremely compact (only 28 mm) custom and customizable modules. Both inlet and outlet modules are available with push-fit connections from 4 to 6 mm. Also, you can choose the dimension of the internal orifice: a wide range from 1,0 mm up to 2,7 mm.

It is functionally possible to assemble solenoid valves 2/2 ways or 3/2 ways, with a third exit hose connector or spigot.

The wide variety of available connections and accessories makes it possible to create infinite combinations, being able to cover every functional need in any application the Series was created for: Water Dispenser (multiple inlets and one outlet) and Coffee (one inlet and multiple outlets).

Therefore, the TU Series valves were designed and tested to support high temperatures (up to 140°C), they resist up to 19 bar and they are made out of certificate materials according to European (MOCA/FCM) and International (NSF/UL) regulations.

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