• 20 – 24 January 2024
  • Rimini – ITALY (EUROPE)

SIGEP is the International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World. An exclusive showcase anticipating all of the latest trends and innovations for the operators of the five supply chains on show.

An exhibiting area of 129,000 sqm showcasing the very best of the global scene of raw materials, ingredients, technology and equipment, furnishings and services.

A show that enhances and rewards global excellence, presents new formats, supports global networking and promotes the growth of companies and professional operators.

·      AN UNDISPUTED TREND ANTICIPATOR for business formats, events and competition formats under the banner of world excellence.

·       A CAN’T-MISS APPOINTMENT presenting new products and technological breakthroughs.

·       THE PLACE TO BE FOR ALL PLAYERS IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN, from traders to distributors, to manufacturers, trade associations and media.

·       THE PERFECT HUB for attracting major investors from other sectors.

·       THE FAVOURED MEDIUM FOR BUSINESSES to communicate with and within their markets of interest.Sigep‘s mark of distinction is its packed schedule of events, an integral part of the trade fair as a whole, which is divided into:

  • Sigep International Business, centred on international business events;
  • Sigep Next, events focused on innovation enhancement;
  • Sigep Academy, featuring events and activities focussing on professional training;
  • Sigep Associations, a series of networking meetings designed for artisans and industry associations;
  • Sigep Corporate Social Responsibility, events related to corporate social responsibility;
  • Sigep Awards, presenting an exciting program of national and international competitions.


 is the only trade fair in the world in which the artisan gelato supply chain is fully represented: from sales premises concepts to services, passing through the core business of machinery, ingredients and accessories.
For foreign visitors and investors wanting to fully appreciate the artisan gelato world, Sigep is an absolutely not-to-be-missed appointment and an unparalleled showcase.

This is a not-to-be-missed appointment for the presentation of new products and technological innovations.

The undisputed leader in launching new trendspremises formats and events and competitions underscored by global excellence.

This is the cornerstone of encounters of all supply chain components: tradespersons, distribution chain, manufacturers, trade associations and media.


The traditional pastry section brings together all major companies involved in ingredients, technologies, furnishings, packaging and services. Here you will find the highest concentration of industry players in the world.

Sigep represents a not-to-be-missed appointment for anyone wishing to appreciate the importance of the professional pastry sector. A unique experience where operators can really experiment and understand the artisan confectionery market.

The next SIGEP show will be presenting a program of events dedicated to high-end pastry: inside the Pastry Events and on the stands of partner companies, the very best of Sigep excellence and professionalism will be on show. The main events can also be followed in streaming on the exclusive show channel made available on the website


The section dedicated to chocolate brings together the best Italian and foreign manufacturers of chocolate and chocolate production machinery, equipment and accessories, together with events, competitions and demos dedicated to the precious “food of the gods”.

In a single trade-fair, operators can meet the most prestigious companies of the entire chocolate supply chain, accompanied by the great traditions of the pastry, gelato, bakery and

 coffee art.

At Sigep, chocolate always plays a leading role: both in the exhibition to which the exclusive hall B3 is dedicated, and as trial of excellence in the various International Confectionery Art Championships.

Special demos, organized in conjunction with leading companies, dedicated to the “Bean to Bar”, which focus on the entire production chain, from the processing of the cocoa bean through to chocolate bars available for tasting.


This section portrays the entire coffee supply chain through a major exhibition and a series of international initiatives and competitions.

Sigep feature an articulate exhibition covering the entire supply chain of coffee, from the original plantations in different countries of the world, all through the many techniques and methods for coffee extraction, up to tasting.

With all the products and technologies revolving around the world of Espresso. With this extraordinary showcase featuring the most prestigious brands of Made in Italy, the show completes the range offered on display for bars + pastry parlours, bars + gelato parlours, cafes, and coffee&bakeries, and enhances the many interconnections among product groups.

Sigep is the ideal context for all the finals of the WCE (World Coffee Event). International circuit competitions promoted by the International Speciality Coffee association.

In Rimini, dozens of baristas selected from all over the country will compete for the title of champion in the Campionato Italiano Baristi (CIBC) (Italian Barista Championship), Campionato Italiano Latte Art (CILA) (Italian Latte Art Championship), Campionato Italiano Coffee in Good Spirits (CICS) (Italian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship), Campionato Italiano Brewers Cup (Italian Brewers Cup Championship), Campionato Italiano Roasting (Italian Roasting Championship), Campionato Italiano Cup Tasting (Italian Cup Tasting Championship) and Campionato Ibrik (Ibrik Championship).

Another not-to-be-missed experience is the Brew Bar & Espresso Bar and the various events and initiatives organized with prestigious companies.

Exceptional presentation of the Barista& Farmer international event, a special training and competition initiative implemented in the countries of origin.


The show dedicated to Bakery and the entire baking art sector dedicated to Technologies and Products for Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery. 

At SIGEP protagonists are major companies for made in Italy and leading European brands.

The event, which is increasingly more opulent and comprehensive, hosts highly prestigious Italian and international brands and presents what is a truly unique range of products in terms of internationality, variety and technology at both artisan and industrial level.

The entire bakery supply chain, centred on bakery, confectionery and pizza, will be taking part with ingredients, semi-finished products and a complete range of technologies, from machinery to systems and equipment, besides services and furnishings – a truly exclusive assortment, outlining new trends and exalting innovation.

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