Zanin F.lli Srl is synonymous with quality, research and cutting-edge products

Zanin F.lli Srl is synonymous with quality, research and cutting-edge products

Flexibility, customization and ad hoc services complete the qualities of this all-Italian excellence.

They specialize in:

  • Cereal maltings (beers and malted flours),
  • Flour mixing silos,
  • double suction stainless steel sieve cleaners for food use
  • air filtering systems
  • DUST STOP, the patented ZANIN hopper for product loading without dust dispersion and without suction.
  • innovative sieve and drum cleaners complete with new generation suction systems for cereals
  • seed sorting lines,
  • energy saving and low environmental impact dryers,
  • refrigeration systems
  • silos for controlled grain cooling.

In the industrial sector

They are specialized in the handling and storage of fertilizers, they design and produce made-to-measure COATING, they are experts in cleaning and control during the rail and ship unloading phases, they design and produce port hoppers, belt and chain conveyors, large bucket elevators for port handling.

Founded in 1956 by Giuseppe and Arcangelo Zanin, it is now run by Oscar and Nicodemo who continue to research and develop new solutions for the market. Among their proposals are machines for the food sector, given the ever-increasing demand, thanks also to this extensive experience in different fields, it is considered an important company in both the industrial and agro-industrial sectors.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about malting The art of malting is no longer relegated to large-scale industrial production. Now it is possible, thanks to Zanin F.lli Srl, to produce excellent and customized malts starting from 500kg batches.

The 60 years of experience in drying combined with 60 years of experience in air handling completely satisfy the need to produce large varieties of malted seeds. and thus offer millers special flours, new bases for bakery products, preparations for the intolerant or allergic. In beverage, master maltsters can customize malts and distillers can improve their secret recipes.

Flour’s solutions

The Zanin brothers have developed a system that receives, weighs and mixes the different flours homogeneously to allow users to guarantee better products and customizable recipes. Offering a tailormade product is no longer a problem.

With an ISO 9001 TÜV SÜD certified production process, Zanin F.lli supplies quality machines and systems, designed with the best 3D graphics programs, created with the latest generation of laser cutting, bending and punching machines, tested and produced by Zanin’s modern workshops under the careful supervision of Oscar and Nicodemo. And their exceptional knowledge of the industry that over 60 years of experience can guarantee. 

Zanin F.lli Srl is also environmental quality; machines are designed to reduce electrical and burner consumptions and above all to reduce impurities in the air. The patented DUST STOP is the flagship of this more eco-sustainable vision of the world, no dust during the delicate phases of product unloadings.

Food sector
• Flour treatment, mixing and weighing plants
• Stainless steel machines for the treatment of products for human use

Agro-Industrial sector
• Cleaning
• Drying
• Mechanization
• Storage and Ventilation
• Customized Solutions
• Accessories and Components
• Turnkey Solutions for Cleaning, Drying, Cooling and Storage

Industrial sector
• FERTILIZERS, cereals and minerals treatment plants
• Logistics and intermodal conveyors for port and rail facilities
Their solutions:
• Bucket elevators, with capacities up to 650 t/h
• Belt and chain conveyors, with capacities up to 1000 t/h
• Ship unloading plants, 1000 t/h
• Weighing hoppers for wagon and truck, and hydraulic tipper for trucks unloading
• Receiving systems with rapid dispatch to warehouse
• Rotary pre-cleaning drum for unloading from ship, 1000 t/h.

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