AMS FERRARI: Filling lines and machines

AMS FERRARI: Filling lines and machines

How was the company born?

Adriano Melchiorri CEO of AMS FERRARI SRL

AMS Ferrari was founded at the beginning of the 2000s from the idea of three bottling sector workers working in historic companies in Modena that are well known in this production sector. Today, as in the past, our aim is to bring the best technologies in the bottling industry around the world.

What is your success based on?

Challenging achievements, experiences alongside customers and tough international competition have forged our character by developing the characteristics that distinguish us today: great production flexibility combined with a high capacity for innovation, assiduous quality control of the entire production process and materials applied, and above all, complete customer focus. Our success stems from our great experience, which has enabled us to create the right ‘tailor-made’ solution for the customer.

Another strong point of AMS Ferrari is the fact that it is a well-structured company, but above all one with great manageability, a characteristic of modest-sized companies like ours.

What are the features of your filling systems?

The main feature of our filling systems is that they are constantly innovating; we are constantly looking for more modern solutions that can replace our traditional machines with fully electronic machines that continue to meet the ever-changing demands of the market day after day without forgetting the solid foundations that we started from.

What types of products are they suitable for?

Today, the complex variety of consumer products must be carefully analyzed in order to be able to present customers with customized solutions and comprehensive advice.

The demonstration of technical potential and high productivity allows AMS FERRARI to receive requests for new bottling lines both from Italy and abroad, even for the most diverse products: soft-drinks, edible oils and lubricants, as well as classic liquids such as carbonated and noncarbonated water, wine, sparkling wine, liqueurs and juices.

What can you tell us about turnkey solutions?

Our customers rely completely on us for the installation of our bottling lines. They provide a space where an entire line built to the specific needs of each customer is to be installed. This service is carried out by immersing ourselves in the technical, logistical and economic requirements that are the real starting points for optimizing Engineering’s study.

We present a finished solution that may sometimes require the integration of accessories not included in our supply, such as chillers, boilers or piping for water treatment. In this case, AMS Ferrari is personally involved in guaranteeing the customer materials and machines that meet the highest market standards, guaranteeing great quality at competitive prices.

What are the pluses provided to customers?

We often have a partnership relationship with customers rather than being considered a mere supplier. In fact, our after-sales organization is fast and punctual, while our technical support service is based on our constant availability to serve the customer.

What are the plans for the future?

As we have said before, AMS Ferrari will always have an eye on the future, because this is what sets us apart: never believing that we have arrived.

It is precisely for this reason that our technicians are always looking for new developments, trying to make our machinery more and more state-of-the-art while keeping up with the times, without forgetting the solid experience that has allowed us to achieve the success we have today.

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