Tarnos vibration technology for food industry processes

Tarnos vibration technology for food industry processes

Vibrating material equipment has become a very essential technology for the food and packaging industry not only because of the handling processes they can achieve, but also for the high requisitions they meet according to the strict hygienic demands from this industry.

These sanitary demands make vibrating machinery especially appropriate for the Food and Pharma activities, as they not only easy the cleansing and sterilizing procedures, but they also avoid product traces along the surfaces in touch with the material they handle.

Equipment will be executed with either electro mechanic or electromagnetic technologies, depending on the characteristics of the product to be handled, and concrete demands for the procedures to accomplish.

TARNOS has designed and manufactured Vibrating Material Handling Equipment for more than 60 years with the support and know-how of a strong pioneer in this field; Syntron.

The participation in many projects and applications through all these years, and even in different industries, provide the company with experience to solve problems in many critical handling processes.

Among Tarnos equipment, vibrating feeders and dispensers, screens, conveyors, sieves, spiral elevators, vibrating tables…

Some examples of the customized equipment in the food industry may be vibrating conveyors and cross feeders, vibrating sieves, vibrating dispensers, seasoning feeders, vibrating sprinklers, vibrating aligners, vibrating chargers to elevators, vibrating feeders to or from freezing tunnels, vibrating screens, vibrating spiral elevators, vibrating tables for compacting or dispersing product, horizontal lines for solids packing, etc.

When it comes to end users, Tarnos cooperates with the customer in the selection of the optimal customized solution for customers’ challenges, and according to their installations and productions. Also Tarnos cooperates with integrators / engineering companies to find these customized solutions for each project.

On the other hand, when it comes to standard equipment, Tarnos manufactures and provides with ELECTROMAGNETIC LINEAR VIBRATORS to numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers that include these vibrators on their own machinery.

Electromagnetic vibrators and feeders work at very high frequencies with very little amplitudes, which is very good when it comes to product care, and are capable to be instantly regulated manually or analogically through a controller. They feed smoothly with a uniform cape of product.

Some examples of equipment where manufacturers include Tarnos vibrators on their designs are simple and multi head weighers, optical selectors, vibrating dispensers, vibrating counting pill machines, lines of biscuits…

As this machinery´s destination is mostly in the food industry, Tarnos vibrators will be also provided with high IP standards, stainless steel components and FDA paintings. Also ATEX units under special executions can be supplied.

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