Orion Engineering Srl: Agri-food processing systems

Orion Engineering Srl: Agri-food processing systems

Orion Engineering S.r.l. realizes “tailor-made” solutions for the agri-food industry, supplying sustainable processing systems in compliance with EHEDG standards. Thanks to the synergy between its partners and their experience gained in over 25 years in the Food Processing & Beverage sector, it has been possible to create this entrepreneurial business: Orion Engineering S.r.l.

The company’s core business focuses on developing innovative solutions to meet the real needs of each customer. Orion Engineering S.r.l. offers solutions designed to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact caused by agri-food production waste, according to the principles of the circular economy.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts is always ready to support our customers, offering specific products and services through all the stages of the concept development: from its designing to production.

Choosing Orion Engineering S.r.l. means having a tailor-made solution: “One-Plus”, “All-in-One” and “Easy-go” are three concepts at the basis of our offer.

Our systems are developed with modular, scalable and compact features, allowing you to grow your business by optimizing investments and reducing the carbon footprint of the plant. The ongoing process of innovation makes our systems the key to success for small- and medium sized companies.

The essential aspect of these systems is their “All-in-One” configuration, which means ease of use and high hygiene. Our systems are designed to be compact, ergonomic and user-friendly.

The installation is “Easy-go”, which means that the system is developed to be integrated into your line and become operational in just a few hours. We pay particular attention to hygienic design and construction to increase the quality of your finished and semi-finished products as well as that of the entire production chain.

Not only primary processing: “Hub – from the Earth to packaging”

From harvesting to packaging, the agri-food sector follows specific rules and dynamics, all very different at each stage of the chain. This is where sensitive factors come into play, such as tradition and excellence, values that need special attention and that have to interact with each other in the right way to make the final product a successful product.

For some time we have been developing a new concept in the agro-business sector called “Hub – from the Earth to packaging” where we try to combine environment, production and social aspects. We firmly believe that man and the environment must remain at the heart of an ethical business.

Technical Assistance & Services

Orion Engineering S.r.l. can provide maintenance activities for industrial machines both at the customer’s premises and in our workshop depending on the nature of the maintenance. The maintenance can be performed on machines belonging to the customer or third parties with the supply of original spare parts or spare parts adapted, depending on the conditions of the machine.

• Pre-sales Technical support

• Technical assistance during production

• Supply of original spare parts and spare parts adapted.


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