The Strength of Ici Caldaie

The Strength of Ici Caldaie

Specialists in excellent solutions

Specialists in the design and production of complete high-tech thermal systems. Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop a range of highly qualified services capable of meeting any requirements in terms of system management, monitoring and maintenance.

No matter what the customer requirement is: we can provide a cost effective and environmentally-friendly solution for the safety of their system.

Complete system Technical support and constultancy

ICI Caldaie is a young and dynamic company, characterized by an in-depth knowledge in the industrial field, great production capacity, customer support in the design phase and extreme flexibility in terms of design and production of non-standard boilers, entirely customized based on the customer’s specific needs.

Each non-standard project is developed by our Technical Department Engineers, and our cutting-edge Research and Development laboratory is entrusted with the development of new products compliant with the increasingly stringent

European standards in terms of fuel consumption and emissions. All models produced by ICI Caldaie bear the CE mark and for many of them we have obtained different national certifications for export to Countries that require specific mechanical and hydraulic tests like the ASME – American Society for Mechanical Engineers – certificates.

The international success is the result of high quality standards. ICI Caldaie has obtained international product quality certifications that allow it to produce and distribute its boilers all over the world with top quality and safety features as required by the relevant specific regulations.

Commercial area

We have a presence in countries all around the world, with headquarters and representative offices in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Romania, Great Britain, USA, China with products certified according to the specific local trade & technical regulations. In the far east region we have official distributors in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand.

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