CLEVERTECH an experienced food & beverage partner

CLEVERTECH an experienced food & beverage partner

Compactness, reliability, and innovation are the keys to efficiency and Clevertech’s integrated solutions meet every need thanks to their holistic approach. The design used for product handling allows the quality of the primary packaging to remain totally intact. Clevertech systems are installed in all production management phases of the packaging line.

Starting from Food & Beverage sector, Clevertech is a well-experienced partner in the supply of systems like: robotic basket loaders and unloaders or traditional ones to treat the product in autoclaves where Clevertech reaches speeds up to 2000 cans/bottles per minute.

At the same time the group supplies highly customized bulk palletizing and depalletizing solutions integrated with multi flavoured lines when required.

At the end of line, the approach is the same, full integration of different systems starting from mechanical, electrical, software point of view. Systems could be with high- or low-level infeed or Robotic Palletizers Cell and include, precisely palletizers, stretch wrappers, strappers, and labellers.

Constant changes in the market due to the exponential increase in e-commerce have also increased the demand for automation in the intralogistics sector.

E-commerce automation at Clevertech began in 2018, and to date they have installed different solutions like, full pallet automation loading on trucks, traceability and integration with customers WMS, product manipulation using robotic arms or gantry manipulators. The possibilities are innumerable, as there is a dedicated department at Clevertech that works in this area of intralogistics and e-commerce market.

Not only Food & Beverage

Another very important sector in which the Clevertech Group has gained so much experience is Cans & Ends making. Established in 1987, Clevertech Group started by automating the aluminium or tinplate cans production sector as well as lid production by supplying solutions that increase exponentially production efficiencies.

Clevertech can supply systems for conveying and palletising empty cans and lids of up to 3600 pieces per minute. Thanks to important collaborations with industry partners, Clevertech has been able to work together and successfully realise various solutions for major industry players from China to America.

There is a wide range of machines to suit every customer’s needs: can palletisers that can palletise at production speeds never reached by anyone else, end-of-line solutions with conveyors, palletisers and strapping and pallet wrapping machines with fully integrated printing and label application.

In addition, Clevertech solutions are capable of quick format changes: in just a few minutes the machine will be able to adapt to container diameters from 49 mm to 153 mm. All units are designed for stand-alone operation without any requirement for human intervention.

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