Discover the Rademaker Bread Line

Discover the Rademaker Bread Line

Meeting the Growing Demands of the Middle Eastern Baking Industry

The baking industry in the Middle East is witnessing rapid growth and innovation. As semi- and industrial bakeries strive to meet the diverse demands of consumers, they require advanced solutions that offer both variety and quality. The demand for bread products is expanding, and for these bakeries, the Rademaker Bread Line is the ultimate solution, providing efficient production capabilities for a wide range of bread products.

In today’s market, consumers expect an ever-increasing variety of breads, with different dough types, crumb structures, and sizes. To accommodate these market requirements, bakeries need modular bread lines that allow for fast changeovers and offer the highest accuracy while meeting the most stringent hygienic standards. The Rademaker Bread Line delivers on all these fronts, ensuring profitability and upholding the highest quality standards.

Versatile Production Capabilities

Rademaker’s Bread Line is engineered to produce an extensive array of bread types with production capacities ranging from 500 kg to 9,000 kg of dough per hour. Whether your bakery is looking to produce traditional breads or modern variations, Rademaker ensures high profitability while maintaining exceptional quality. The line supports various recipes, including highly hydrated, low-salt, organic, gluten-free, pre-fermented, Levain, biga, and sponge dough. This versatility allows bakeries to create an impressive assortment of bread products with diverse crumb structures.

Compact Bread line example:                       Full industrial Bread line example:              

Overview of the different crumb structures:

Have a look at the Rademaker Bread line in action:

Seeded baguettes
Rounded breads
Decorated buns
Pinsa production

Key Features and Values

  • Consistent Dough Quality: Achieved through continuous improvements.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Capable of processing a wide variety of doughs, catering to different bread types.
  • High Water Content Capability: Able to handle doughs with up to 90% water content.
  • High Accuracy: Ensures precise dough length and weight for uniform products.
  • Efficient Production Process: Optimized for large-scale production while upholding quality standards.

The Bread Lines of Rademaker are designed to meet the highest standards of industrial integrity, guaranteeing a lifetime of efficient, quality, and profitable production.

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Unique Pre-Sheeting Systems

Sheeting the dough is essential for the final product. The dough is kneaded by the mixer and processed in the pre-sheeter. The pre-sheeter transforms dough batches into a continuous dough sheet. Rademaker sets itself apart from its competitors with its proven Double-chunking Sheeting system (DSS), which has been updated to meet the latest requirements. An innovative dynamic hopper transports the dough in a controlled manner, keeping the shape of the dough chunks linear and constant.

This innovation results in better dough homogeneity and higher product accuracy. Key benefits include:

  • Optimal dough homogeneity and product structure
  • Best in-class weight accuracy
  • Easy access for cleaning.
  • Simplified operation.

The above aspects eventually result in high-quality baked products being produced as efficient as possible.

Handling High Hydration Doughs

The Bread Line is designed to manage doughs with the highest hydration levels in the market, catering to the evolving demands for healthier and innovative bread products. By adding water to you bread recipe, you not only create a high-end artisan bread type with open bread structure, but you also save on ingredient costs, increasing your product margin.


For bakeries in the Middle East looking to enhance their production capabilities, the Rademaker Bread Line offers the perfect combination of variety, flexibility, and efficiency. With state-of-the-art technology and continuous innovation, your bakery can produce a wide range of high-quality breads, meeting consumer demands and driving profitability.

Explore the Rademaker Bread Line today and elevate your bakery’s production standards to new heights.

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