M.G.M. Motori Elettrici Green and Clean Energy

M.G.M. Motori Elettrici Green and Clean Energy

For M.G.M. Motori Elettrici sustainable development and environmental respect are very important goals. The company is committed to reducing energy waste and preserving resources for future generations.

In the Serravalle Pistoiese plant almost 100% of the electricity consumed is produced by the photovoltaic panels placed on the roof. In this spirit the existing photovoltaic system has recently been expanded, which previously covered 100% of the energy needs for both the factory and offices. This will meet the increased energy demand due to the transition of the company’s vehicle fleet from combustion motors to electric ones.

By rethinking and redesigning materials and the production process, the company has reduced the consumption of drinking water and the energy required for manufacturing brake motors, resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore the energy efficiency of the motors and of the brakes has been improved. The company preferred using eco-friendly material with low impact on the environment and eliminate the use of plastic by using recycled cardboard. Thanks to the inclusion of drinkable water vending machine it was possible to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles, which have been conveniently located in the various departments of the plant.

The company has also worked on the production cycle by operating on the systems, the insulation of the buildings, the lighting system to achieve a greater energy efficiency.

The air conditioning of the building is supported by a geothermal system that allows significant energy savings both during the winter and the summer, by exchanging heat with the ground at a high depth.

Sustainability is not limited to internal activities. M.G.M. Motori Elettrici believes in the importance of raising awareness among its suppliers about energy conservation and promoting sustainable practices on a global scale because it is only by working together that we can make a difference for a greener and more sustainable future.

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