Sordi from design to construction

Sordi from design to construction

Sordi designs and manufactures machinery and process line for dairy and food industry in the national and international market. A team of specialized technicians follows the customer in every design phase with accuracy and competence, advising customers on the best solutions for their needs.

All phases of the design, manufacturing, and final assembly are carried out within the Company in compliance with the experience acquired in more than a century and the most up-to-date skills in terms of energy saving, sanitization and performance; automation is also developed internally by electronic and IT experts to ensure flexibility and speed of response. The construction of the machines and the assembly of the lines take place in our workshop and on site.

The Company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and meets the ISO 3834 quality requirements for welding. Specialized personnel Sordi performs the assembly of the lines, as well as testing and start-up on site. If required, Sordi can provide technological support for the production of different food formulations.

For more than a century, Sordi has made its consolidated experience available to customers, combined with exceptional expertise and a strong capacity for innovation.

Sordi designs and manufactures systems for the treatment of milk and its derivatives

• Receiving, cleaning, measuring and cooling lines for milk and cream.

• Insulated and cooled storage tanks.

• Milk and cream pasteurization lines for food and industrial use, plate or tubular exchangers.

• ESL milk pasteurization lines, plate or tubular exchangers

• Steriplak© UHT milk and cream lines, plate or tubular exchangers

• Milk mixing and recombining lines

• Lines for the preparation of milk with protein content raising for the production of yoghurt probiotics and pasteurization lines for products with acidification.

• Ripening lines for stirred yoghurt with ultraclean ripening systems.

• Ripening lines for liquid yoghurt with ultraclean ripening systems.

• Ripening lines for set yoghurt with cups ripening systems.

• Ripening lines for kefir with ultraclean ripening systems.

• Yoghurt mixing systems with ingredients such as aromas or fruit.

• Process lines for high-moisture soft cheeses (crescenza, feta, caciotta and similar)

• Process lines for fresh cheeses (quark, labneh etc)

• Process lines for cottage cheese

• Lines for creamy tvorog, granular and shaped type

• Process lines for ricotta, from whey and from proteic concentrates

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