TP Food Group: A successful business model with a global footprint

TP Food Group: A successful business model with a global footprint

Innovative spirit, attention to customer needs and forty years of experience in the food processing sector. With these premises, Tecnopool S.p.A. embarked in 2015 on a development and growth path which, in 2019, led to the formation of TP FOOD GROUP.

The acquisitions. Over the past few years, a series of companies joined Tecnopool Group: Alit (Italy, 2015), the Gostol (Slovenia, 2016), the Tecnofryer (Spain, 2017) as well as Logiudice Forni, Mimac and Mecateck (Italy, 2018). The combined expertise of the Group has enabled a well-rounded Total Processing solution offering.

To constantly pursue technological development and provide customers increasingly high-performing equipment, the group has set one main Mission: to become a global leading supplier of machinery and complete lines for industrial, semi-industrial and artisanal food processing.

Today, TP Food Group is a market leader and key supplier in over 80 countries around the world, for the design, production and installation of food processing equipment, with a strong orientation towards “Tailor Made” solutions.

As a unique, worldwide player, with a leading role in the Bakery Products sector, TP FOOD GROUP can satisfy every customer request, thanks to a wide range of ovens: from the small artisan to the semi-industrial laboratory, up to the most complete industrial line, covering all manufacturing processes: from dough preparation to packaging.

From the small baker to the large food industry. The idea behind this relentless development is simple and ambitious: to provide customers with the best solutions for their needs, by designing complete and tailor made lines. Customized structures and processes leave customer’s imagination as the only limit.

That is why, for each buyer, TP FOOD GROUP studies and implements customized and flexible systems, meeting every specific need. Experience, Research and the Knowledge, gained over decades of activity, allowed the group to develop an analytical and dedicated approach. After evaluating any critical aspect together with the customer, the company can offer innovative products and improved solution compared any existing one.

Strong ties with company values are leading the Group to focus on meeting high quality for its products and delivering excellent level of support services before and after sales. The Group companies are proud of the timely and accurate support that can be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which represents a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Periodic check-ups and direct remote support allow customers to prevent critical interruptions and downtime, ensuring continuity in the plant production process. The Research and Development efforts, focused on introduction of innovative technological solutions, aim at continuously improving manufacturing processes to further optimize customer production rates and costs. Of course, the quality of the product is paramount as well as a considering “energy saving” and environmental aspects.

Having the possibility to test every type of product, with the supervision and assistance of experienced technologists and specialized technicians, represents an important added value. TP Food Group customers can benefit from this opportunity, thanks to a fully equipped Test Room, where key users can take advantage from a wide range of equipment made available to them.

• Tecnopool: World leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of equipment for complete production lines, covering food industry heat treatments during all stages of processing: proofing, baking, cooling, freezing and pasteurization, from – 40 C ° to + 300 ° C, with infinite fully customizable layout configurations.

• Gostol: Provider of integrated industrial solutions for bakeries. Offering both thermal cycle and convection as well as diathermic oil deck ovens, including integrations services for the bakery equipment. Addressing medium and large industries, while covering make-up, molding and leavening processes.

• Tecnofryer: manufacturer and supplier of innovative industrial, semi-industrial and semi-artisan fryers, for various food sectors: from bakery to meat, from breaded products to snacks and peanuts, also covering pet food products.

• Logiudice Forni: Leading manufacturer producing professional steam tube deck ovens, electric ovens, rotary ovens and professional spiral mixers for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias.

• Mimac: Leading manufacturer of dropping machines for the confectionary industry: he best solutions to concretely satisfy the production needs of artisan shops, semi-industrial producers and the large retail sector.

• Mecateck: builder of tunnel and multi-level lines and ovens for the industrial and semi-industrial sector.

TP Food Group is positive and determinate about its future, driven by the strength of six leading worldwide recognized companies. Constant commitment and ambition will be the leitmotif for continuous growth, to remain on the leading edge of a constantly evolving market.
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