Gea homogenizer: your qualified partner in food and beverage industries

Gea homogenizer: your qualified partner in food and beverage industries

GEA offers a comprehensive range of high-pressure homogenizers, from laboratory units up to machines for industrial production, with more than 300 options available to meet any market demand.
The homogenizers in the Ariete Series incorporate the very latest technology in the field of high-pressure machines and customized solutions. These machines are ideal for processing dairy, food, beverage, pharma, biotech, and chemical products. The homogenizing pressure can reach 1500 bar, depending on the liquid end design and configuration type.

All GEA homogenizers comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations and all quality control systems, they are compatible with CIP and SIP operations, and can be supplied with cGMP documentation.

Thanks to the different homogenizing valve designs, selected according to the processed product, the particles are reduced to the required size using the lowest possible pressure, thus guaranteeing high efficiency and savings in the use of energy and resources.

How the homogenization process enriches your products?
• By emphasizing of the organoleptic features, thanks to the dispersion of the aromatic elements
• By enhancing the velvet-like structure, its uniformity, and a typical “roundness” of taste of the obtained product
• By increasing digestibleness and, as a consequence, facilitating assimilation of the nutritional principles
• By increasing stability of the suspension

One of the effects achievable through the process is to avoid the phenomena of separation: the elimination of the typical “collar” which can be noticed in certain bottles of fruit juices, is not only an improvement of the product outlook, but also a quality advantage. As a matter of fact, the suspended particles are protected against the oxidation process, which, besides modifying the taste, causes a real alteration of the product.

Green options and special solutions
As part of the program to prioritize sustainability, GEA homogenizers offer specific options for optimizing the use of resources and being green:

NiSoCLEAN 2.0. with special design to ensure perfect cleanability in less time.
Oil Purification System. It guarantees a continuous oil regeneration enhancing oil lifetime, quality and safety.
Gearbox oil cooling unit. This oil-to-air cooling unit saves water and oil using air to cool down oil temperature.
NISOSSCU. This peripheral device can guarantee a minimum steam consumption to generate sterile condensate to cool and lubricate plungers in the homogenizer.

The homogenization Process Technology Center
Located next to the production plant in Parma, Italy, the recently refurbished Process Technology Center is a unique resource for customers, who can assess homogenization process performance with their product samples directly in the field.

A team of experts supports customers in the development of new products and definition of the most efficient process conditions to guarantee the scalability of results and the ability to meet industrial production requirements.

GEA’s primary objective of providing customers with environmentally friendly solutions goes hand in hand with the latest set-up and continuous improvements on production technologies in order to guarantee premium performance and best-ever efficiency levels.

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